Chris hanging some new work at his Woodend Mill Studio



Chris Cyprus was born in 1971 in the Manchester suburb of Gorton, eventually moving to the rolling pennine hills of Lancashire, after his family relocated in the late 1970’s.

With a creative flair from an early age, Chris excelled in art throughout his school years, and was encouraged by his peers and teachers to pursue art in some form. The following years were spent writing and playing music, another creative outlet which became an important part of his life.

Completely self taught, Chris began painting following two separate incidents of cancer, and a work related back injury which saw him unable to work for many months. These life changing events forced him to take stock and re-evaluate his life and career.

In 2003, Chris began painting allotment scenes, following a visit to the local council allotments in his home town. These quirky and often humorous depictions of life on the allotment gained notoriety quickly and were featured on BBC Gardeners World, where he was commissioned to paint the allotment garden of presenter, Joe Swift.

Over the following years, Chris has become a prolific painter with a truly unique style. His body of work ‘Northern Lights’ saw him produce over 250 paintings between 2014-2017 highlighting the plight of traditional sodium lighting being replaced by eco friendly LED bulbs. These evocative representations of Northern British towns and landscapes at dusk, became a great success, and consequently featured on the BBC One Show, and Northwest Tonight.

Chris continues to paint the subject matter he loves, capturing his observations of the seemingly mundane and everyday on canvas as he goes. The one vocation that makes him truly happy is painting. A combination of gritty determination and passion have helped bring to fruition his dream of making a living from producing art.

Chris has a loyal international client base , who appreciate the nuances of his work and take great joy from watching his style evolve over time.

As Aristotle said

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”